A Rolling Stone…

Kinetic energy kicks ass and it takes names: it gets shit done, potential energy-not so much. I remember learning about energy way back when, in middle school. Kinetic energy is movement; it is a bolder rolling down a hill, gaining speed and power. Potential energy is that same boulder sitting there waiting for a shove. It might kick ass, it might take names, who knows? It probably thinks it will be ready if something ever happens, but at this point it is sitting there doing nothing. For all intents and purposes it’s a boulder: it’s hard, it’s heavy, it’s intimidating, but it isn’t moving. It is sitting on its fat boulder ass, eating Cheetos, hoping for some external event to act upon it. Just like a stationary boulder, all of the skills, talents, and experiences that add up to an individual’s “potential,” are useless until they are put into motion. If the things an individual believes they are capable of, stay in their heads, then they aren’t really capable.

Start rolling, the rest will fall into place.


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